Maintenance and Installation of Radon Systems

radon system installation

Radonis a partially inert gas, which is odorless and damages tissues by getting stuck in your lungs. Its radioactive particles can increase the risk of having lung cancer. According to reports in the USA, radon is the second major reason for lung cancer and declares approximately 21000 deaths per annum. Radon can enter your home through semi-permeable building materials from the breakdown of uranium in water, rock or soil.

We recommend that you learn how to perform radon test at home and decrease the health risks through radon near me.Radon gas constitutes more than 55% of background radiations that your family is exposed to every day.Lifetime Radon Solutions offers its services of radon mitigation in whole of south-eastern Wisconsin. Our licensed exerts provides services of radon system installation, radon measurement and radon testing.

Effects of Radon Exposure

Exposure to this gas can cause fatal diseases. Studies tell us that radon is the second major cause for lung cancer in United States. Furthermore, statistics from US surgeon general and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reveal that 20,000 Americans die annually due radon exposure. Also, according to the estimations of Wisconsin Department of Health Services many homes in areas of Dodge County, Washington County and Waukesha County have higher percentage of radon levels. Radon level in these areas could go as high up to 60%, which is more than the recommendations of EPA.The radon system installation is scheduled so as to decrease your inconvenience, although it can be finished in few hours.

Effects of radon exposure are not felt straight away. It may take years, but when experienced it might be too late. For this reason, every house whether new or old should be examined for increased levels of radon gas.

Enjoy Clean and Safe Air

Our technicians are ready to serve you in surrounding communities of Wisconsin like Waukesha, New Berlin, Milwaukee, Hartland and Brookfield. We provide you team of highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals. They will deeply investigate each corner of your property, will look up for the operative location and the efficient configuration of radon system installation.

Installation Isa Carefuland Cost-Effective Process

The professionals will look upon for the appropriate place to fix your radon system. If the sump pump doesn’t work properly they will replace it instantly. Incase if you don’t have sump pump installed in your home, the place with maximum efficacy will be chosen. After analyzing the sump pump, drilling of radon channels will begin. These channels will collect the radon gas and divert it into the radon mitigation system. Lastly the PVC venting pipe will be installed to vent out the radon gas efficiently through exhaust fan. After ensuring complete mitigation process, you will be able to see that your house won’t have radon levels greater than 4.0 pCi/L. the radon mitigation system not only removes the radon gas from your house, but it also eradicates moisture. The less quantity of moisture leads to less smell in your basement.